Engraved Pet Memorials Frequently Asked Questions

We use a sand blasting, or sand carving, process.  The technology is not new.  It has been used in the headstone and monument industry for many years.  What is different about Rock-It Creations® is that we take the extra time in material selection, preparation, and engraving that makes our products second to none in quality.

Yes, we use real stone in our pet memorials.  They are not “fake” resin cast or molded.  We go to great lengths to hand-select premium river rock from various places around the country.  Our extra effort in stone selection shows!

We’ve actually heard this question before and we feel that it deserves an answer.  The term “expensive” is a relative term. We do not think that our stones are priced too high, especially when all things are considered.  It is not easy to do what we do and the entire process is very labor intensive.  It would be an entirely different thing if we were not so particular or caring about making the best quality product possible.  We challenge anyone to try to match our quality at our prices.

Our products will last for generations without loss of quality if treated properly.  They make wonderful keepsakes and may be passed on to others, not as used goods, but as works of art that may be perpetually cherished through time.

There are many uses for our engraved stones.  Let your imagination be your guide!  Some uses are:

Wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, affirmation, welcome stones, address markers, garden stones, dedications, awards, loved one and pet memorials, signage, expressions of gratitude, love, caring, humor, appreciation, and sentiment.

Our engraved pet memorial stones are priced by size.  We will engrave any single word, in any one of our 3 text styles, at a standard price.  We do not charge for additional letters or spaces.  We have just two price categories

Standard = Any single word or standard image.
Custom = Multiple words, multiple images, or a combination.

Our simple pricing makes ordering easy, as it should be!  There is no need to count additional words or letters and compute the price.

NOTE: When comparing our prices to others, be careful to take note of the stone sizes and watch for additional charges for letters and custom designs.

For more pricing information for our pet memorial stones, please see our Price Guide

The sizes of our text and designs are standardized to best fit each size category of stone.

Our standard text dimensions for single words are approximately: 1.0″ x 3″ (small), 1.5″ x 4″ (medium), 2″ x 6.5″ (large stones) and so on. The dimensions are taller for words that dip below the line, for example, “g”, “p”, etc.  Our stock imagery is also standardized.

Custom layouts are prepared to fit into standardized windows (+/-) for each size category of stone.

Usually, but we need to see the artwork first.  We have done an amazing amount of custom designs (basic to complex), personal graphics and drawings to graphics from pictures of people and animals, etc.  In offering this service, however, we must reserve the right to review the requested artwork before committing to (or waiving) the one-time set-up fee.  After the initial set-up, a file containing your artwork will be created for you and your future needs, hence, the fee is one-time.

Sometimes getting the artwork to the point where it can be nicely engraved can take a lot of our time.  It often involves enlarging or reducing some details and deleting some of the very small detail to engrave the artwork in a tasteful fashion.  Providing us with good clear black-on-white (preferably camera-ready) artwork simplifies the art generation/manipulation on our part saving time and money.

Certainly!  Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll do our best to get it done to perfection.

We try not to place limitations on the exact number of letters, numbers, designs, etc.  What we ask is that our customers understand that the more one attempts to place on a stone, the smaller everything tends to get.  Most of the time, less is more.  What we mean is that, many times, it is better to figure out exactly what you want to say and keep it simple.  You get more bang for your buck that way.

Our goal is to make all of our customers happy, so we want to mention that longer words, for example, “discontinuation” (15 letters) may not fit too well on a small stone (3″-5″ wide) without the text looking >>>compressed<<< or distorted. Longer words and some designs may require larger rocks to achieve a fine finished product.

Each and every one of the stones we use in our pet memorials is painstakingly hand-selected and expertly engraved.  We stand firmly behind the quality of our work, which we believe is the best you will find!

We use natural river stone to create our pet memorial stones, which means that the stones will vary in composition, color, texture, density, and shape.  We believe that the unique character of each stone (natural “flaws” included) enhances its beauty and assures its uniqueness.

While you may request a color tone for your pet memorial stone, we cannot guarantee color.  Can you imagine how cumbersome it would be to try to precisely match color requests, considering the relative nature of color?  What we mean is how “blue” is “blue,” how “green” is “green”, etc.

Our normal turn-around-time for completion of orders is 2-4 weeks, depending on our workload.  The time in route to various destinations varies on the distance from us to you.  We can rush some orders, depending on size and complexity. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost.

We ship via UPS OR FedEx standard ground service, unless other arrangements are made.  We may also use the US Postal Service.  We will ship your order anywhere you want in the USA.  Due to cost, customs, and time issues, we can no longer ship outside the US.

It is our goal to satisfy each and every one of our customers.  In the unfortunate occurrence that a mistake is made wit your pet headstone, we will do our utmost to correct the situation fairly and to your satisfaction.  The resolution of any very permanent mistake may or may not require the return of the pet memorial stone, depending upon the situation.

Return customers are very important to us.  So, rest assured that we will correct any mistakes made by us on any pet memorials we create.

Yes.  IF you prefer to see a layout(s) of the artwork before engraving, for your review and approval, we can send to you via email before beginning the work.  Once a layout is approved, we will proceed with the completion of your order.

Please realize that we have engraved a great many stones and have a very good idea of how to best layout the text and artwork.  Also, please note that, because of our workload, layouts cannot be sent instantaneously (they can take a few days) and may delay the completion of your order a bit.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials is located in the beautiful little town of  Council, Idaho.  Our mailing address is P.O. Box T, Council, Idaho 83612.